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Direct cooling type

Block ice machine

Full-automatic ice making, saving the cost of manual operation; 
But traditional salt water ice  making needs manual operation. 


Saving time .Comparing with traditional salt-water ice making 
machine, it can save time more than 30%.

It is more stable and durable, because there is no salt-water 
corrosion, the working life of the ice mold is over 15 years, 
but the mold of salt-water ice making machine need to be 
replaced in 5-6 years.


Easy installation. ice block can be made by connecting water 
and electricity.

Energy saving, to produce one ton ice can save about 25 degrees
of electricity than salt-water ice making machine.


Convenient transportation. Small volume, it can transported 
as a whole.



direct cooling block ice machine


Traditional brine refrigeration block ice machine



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