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Automatic operating system

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full automatic control system: 

New full automatic control system: With many years of practical experience, SNOWLAND direct cooling block ice machine adopts Schneider PLC and touch screen, LS electrical components。  Control system is easy to operate and more intuitive to understand; SNOWLAND full-automatic direct cooling ice mechine is the first in this industry who owns automatic control function, automatic fault protection, and real-time automatic fault alarm system,


Real-time automatic fault alarm system:

In order to make the ice machine more humanized and more easier, at the terminals of PLC electronic control, the communication interface is to be with the computer.  PLC control system connection diagram:  

If SNOWLAND direct cooling block ice machine has run-time accident or have a failure, it will be  collected and sent to the wireless data collector through SIM card, and automatically send it to after-sale Department, and solve the problem for the customers in time.

Automatic intelligent function: SNOWLAND direct block ice machine has complete automatic control functions, not only including compressor high voltage protection, low voltage protection, oil shortage protection, phase sequence protection, compressor module protection, motor overload protection, but also including Lifting platform limited protection, automatic water addition, automatic de icing, automatically switch on and off the equipment, automatic alarm, remote control and other functions。

Setting ice making time and watering time automatically

Control screeen

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